AutoFarmBot is a program for Grepоlis browser game, reinforced premium features that contains 10 modules working in automatic mode. This is a one-of-a-kind program. All program code was written our programmers. Every new version of AutoFarmBot is fully tested to ensure maximum user safety. Current version: 13.2

AutoFarm module

AutoFarm is premium function that collects resources from your villages. Also it can starts City Festivals, Victory Processions, and put excess silver in the cave.

Advanced functions of AutoFarm:

AutoFarm AutoStart: Farm will run automatically after you log into Grepоlis.

System unloading memory: Allows to decrease RAM-memory in the game.

AutoCulture - City Festivals: Parallel with gathering resources AutoFarm organized Festivals in the cities, where they have the resources (working only with premium "Administrator").

AutoCulture – Victory Processions: Parallel with gathering resources AutoFarm organized Victory Processions in cities with enough Battle Points unused (working only with premium "Administrator").

AutoSilver: When the warehouse capacity for silver is full, AutoSilver automatically transfers 500 coins into the cave (working only with connection premiums "Administrator" and "Captain" or without premiums).

AutoLoot: As long as loyalty remains greater than 86% AutoFarm will continue to loot villages (only for servers with Loot function).

Farm with a break to rest: This functions avoids non-stop 24/7 farming mode.

AutoFarm set to the maximum efficiency farming formula with intervals of 5, 10, 20, 40, and more minutes. AutoFarm uses premium function "Captain" for quicker farming - it's automatically activated if possible.

AutoFarmBot is maximum perfomance!